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Technologically Advanced SKATES - Atom by Luigino's 'F1 Skate Packages' Strut - Enzo & Sting Pack A PUNCH Worth Looking At!

Technologically Advanced SKATES - Atom by Luigino's 'F1 Skate Packages' Strut - Enzo & Sting Pack A PUNCH Worth Looking At!

What to do when your local brick & mortar shop or roller rink doesn't have many models to test?  When you're at an event - be sure to try on all manufacturers models and sizes and dial in what you want to purchase.  This gives you an opportunity to purchase online (if the rink or store doesn't have what you're looking for!) 

Myself and my husband - Doug Glass - have been around skating our whole lives.  Whether it be competing, working, developing, etc.  This SETS US APART from the others.  We're not a MARKETING COMPANY with heavily lined pockets OR a descendant of a 50+ year old company.  We started in 1997 inside our apartment we lived in with a dream to be in the skate business.  WHY?  We were certain we could bring technolgically advanced skates that improve performance.  WE'RE DOING JUST THAT!

Recently, I got to see this for myself at my local league practice.  I could see one of my teammates - Maria Montoya - skating around on her Antik's.  Her plate broke while we were at the Big O tournament recently and it was evident she was in the market for a new pair of skates.  She chose the Q6 Matrix (with a Falcon Plus plate) package and I let her know everything she would feel immediately. 

1. Your skates will feel really responsive (like a sports car!).  Tight steering, cornering and easy handling

2. They will feel light on your feet - so your feet will be flying a little high!  Won't last long...

3. Your skates will feel like an extension of your feet - not foreign objects on your feet.

If you reach out to her - she will report back to you she felt all of the above from DAY 1!  It was amazing for me to watch this happen before my eyes.  In her Antik's her weight was to far forward and she skated like her skates were heavy (they were).  Her crossovers were more FLUID and her bobbing was gone.  Turning backwards, spins, toe stop runs - all no problem from day 1.  AMAZING.

Back to where this story started, it is frustrating for me when our skates are NOT at the local brick & mortar stores when I KNOW OUR BOOTS ARE SUPERIOR (this includes Q6, Q4, F1 and the Jackson line)  WHY are they superior?

1. Less break in time

2. Your boots will last you 3+ seasons (not 1 season like other brands)

3. More responsiveness, your foot feels 1 with your boot

3. NOT OVER PADDED, therefore they won't stretch and NOT fit you later.  They will feel the same from day 1 to year 3!

4. Not UNDER padded which can be a painful break in (especially if they are full leather)

5. A heel lock to keep you secure throughout your entire push.  If your foot is moving around your losing power / control on EVERY STEP.

6. Your counters are not cardboard which causes a quick breakdown and no support in a short amount of time.  Your Leather soles are the BEST quality - they won't even fold over your plates!  

7. Leather soles are STIFF enough not to lose any of your power transfer (soft soles are not good, so beware). 

I can go on and on but will leave this at 7 bullets, if you would like to discuss further -look me up on Instagram @Atomatrix or Facebook at Julie Brandt - Glass !  I work and live skating all day, every day.

Are we the oldest company around?  No.  Are we the richest?  No.  Are we better?  I certainly think so and WE GURANATEE OUR PRODUCTS WITH 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION to prove it.

So, if you're not seeing our products at your rink or store - have them brought in or purchase online at the following online retailers that support ALL of our products AND BELIVE IN US / OUR LINE AS MUCH AS I DO!



Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Atom Wheels - SUPPORTS our future of Roller Derby - JUNIORS! History has proven, our support will equal future World Champions, Olympians & even Olympic Medallists !

Sometimes I lay in bed at night with information we should share to our community and thought - today, I will blog about the future of roller derby, our JUNIORS. Giving back today helps the future's best whether it be roller derby, Inline speed or ice skating.

Atom started a Jr. Sponsor Program for roller derby in 2012, and currently takes care of 12 athletes with many, many more "product floats".

This is important to the brand and the future of roller sports - speed and/or roller derby. Myself and my husband Doug, wouldn't be where we're at today without the support from Tom Peterson of formerly owned Hyper Corporation. With his model, we also went on to support many athletes that have gone on to the World Championships (inline speed) and the Olympics for Short and Long track ice! To name a few that have received support -

Chad Hedrick - Most decorated Inline skaters with 52 World Titles and 5 Olympic Medals in Long Track
Joey Mantia - Inline World Champion and Long Track Ice Olympian
Derek Downing - Inline World Champion
Ippolito Sanfratello - Inline World Champion and Olympic Long Track Champion
Brittany Bowe - Inline World Champion and Olympian in Long Track / Also a current World Record Holder
Heather Richardson - Olympian in Long Track & Multiple Long Track World Cup Medallist
Jessica Smith - Inline World Champion and Short Track Olympian

There are many more we could add to this already very impressive list! 

Our latest addition is 'Tiny Crusher' out of Florida.  She just received her skates and already confirmed "I am now fast as lightning and loving my new colors"!  It blows me away that she can go from a R3 / Radar setup and PREFER her Jackson Vibe on Day 1 over her previous skates and yet some of our dealers choose not to support this product in store or online.  Time will prevail - because if you ask the skaters themselves (Noosie or Tiny) and MORE, the proof is in the testimonials.  When you match up the wheels, Stopper, bearings and boot - you cannot compare the quality you're getting vs its counterparts.

We look forwrad to receiving updates on her skating career and hope the support she receives helps inspire her to one day become a future national / world champion...or even an Olympian! 

-Julie Brandt-Glass AKA (Atomatrix) 
*Information on this year's Junior Roller derby Championship

*Atom Wheels' current list of sponsored roller derby skaters

Atom may be new to the skating businsess, but we're here to stay.  Better Quality, Better Service, Better Value.    To check out our skate and product offerings - see your local / online retailer or:

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nistevo Sport (AKA Atom Wheels) and Tournament Sports Agree To long Term Licensing Agreement of JACKSON Skates!


April 11, 2014

PHOENIX, ARIZONA and WATERLOO, CANADA – 11 April, 2014: Nistevo Sport and Tournament Sports announce today that they have entered a long-term-licensing agreement worldwide, covering a broad range of products and vendor relations.

“Nistevo is home to the most impressive wheel brand in the roller industry and their global reach is unparalleled”, says Julie Glass (AKA Atomatrix) Owner/President of Nistevo.  Atom wheels and Jackson are poised to reach a much larger geographical market with complete skates ranging from $99-$399 SRP. 

This strategic alliance leverages Nistevo’s strength in product development, marketing, sales and customer service.   

Day to day operations and ownership of Nistevo remains the same.  Julie Glass Owner-President, Doug Glass Owner-Vice President and Kim Bauer Owner-CFO continue to manage Nistevo as usual.   
"This licensing agreement provides Nistevo wtih greater capabilities and gives us the freedom of action to innovate, market and sell Jackson skates on behalf or all our dealers, distributors and skaters who use our services," states Doug Glass.

“We reached this agreement with Nistevo because it illustrates the value of our partnership, and demonstrates our commitment to roller sports. We look forward to working coherently and achieving a more vertical skate company. I concluded that Julie and Doug are proficient at roller sports and their passion for the business is undeniable. The Jackson brand and products provide Nistevo with a more competitive position worldwide.” – Kim Bauer

“Today Nistevo’s aim is to strengthen its position by marketing and branding Jackson roller skates medium to low price points, thereby increasing its brand visibility.  By doing so, the brand is not only reaching out to athletes, but also those who enjoy roller skating worldwide." - Doug Glass

“Jackson is the leading ice skate brand worldwide. Their fit, quality and performance are uncompromised at the recreational level. Jackson performs from the elite athlete to the recreational skater. Nistevo assures we are applying the same philosophy to our line of Jackson roller skates.” –Julie Glass

About Nistevo Sport Manufacturing Corp.

Nistevo is headquarterd in Phoenix, Arizona.  Its core business is boot manufacturing dating back to 1997, and is known for leading edge technology with performance-enhanced products.  Nistevo currently designs, develops and distributes Worldwide wholly owned brands: Luigino Boots, Atom Wheels, Atom Gear (Protective Wear), Atom Luggage, Bionic Bearings and Pilot Frames.  Today, Nistevo has gained the Worldwide license for Jackson Roller, a quad roller brand that will be focused on medium-low priced quate skate packages.  Nistevo's efforts to support the premium market for boots, plates, wheels and accessories will remain consistent.  For further information on Nistevo and their product offerings, please visit:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Atom Wheels...The Official WHEEL of both WFTDA and TEAM USA!

Atom Wheels is the Official Wheel of TEAM USA and The Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association (6 years running!).  We're proud to give back to the DERBY COMMUNITY! 
Check out the NEW Atom BOOM WHEELS TEAM USA Edition!  Proceeds from wheel sales will be given back to Team USA to help their travel to the World Cup in Dallas this December - put on by Blood and Thunder!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Atom's Pilot F16 Plates is PERFORMANCE on a BUDGET! cornered me again, this time at my office in Phoenix and wanted to get the lowdown on our F16 2.0 Nylon plates! Performance on a budget, it is possible - yes it is.

The question has already been raised, I didn't discuss the durability of our nylon plates so "what's the point if it ends up breaking" (for the record, we haven't had any 2.0 Eagle Plates break).
The point is, some skaters don't have a budget to spend of $200 + and are currently skating on an alloy plate that is a complete TANK. If you spend $100 for Eagle or $150 for Eagle Plus and then end up breaking it, you can either get it replaced for no charge OR upgrade to the alloy base plate for $100 at an approved ATOM retailer.

The risk is the possibility of breaking is higher than alloy, however, we are confident in our updated 2.0 design. You're also not out any money as you would be getting the Falcon for $200 or Falcon Plus for $250 (both $20 less than if you purchased alloy to begin with).

This is the reason we didn't push nylon immediately after introducing back in late 2012, we weren't sure of the durability. With the 2.0 model, we haven't had ANY break. I jump on my skates and am certainly not light. I think nylon has received a bad rap in roller derby, however, these were used at the HIGHEST level of International speed skating by many skaters WITHOUT ISSUE. It just has to be the correct design and durability.

We have a customer and product GUARANTEE on them. If you don't like the plate, you can exchange them and get the value paid towards a different product (within 30 days of purchase). As well, they have a guarantee on breakage.

Thank you to NEW online retailer, for doing this video.  I think they care just as much about Atom's line of high performance products as much as we do!  I always think of Avis' "We Try Harder" as Atom's motto in Business, I think they do 2.

Atom Wheels PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE - Leading the way in PERFORMANCE for 6 years running...

Atom Wheels continues to strive in service and performance.  We always make performance our priority when designing and developing.  The recent overhaul of Atom Wheels' 2014 line has been driven by the evolution of the sport (roller derby).  Atom has been leading the way in wheel development since 2008!  The longstanding Official Wheel of the WFTDA since 2009 and also the official wheel of the 2011 and current Team USA Women's World Cup Team.

Our 2014 overhaul / wheel launch was long overdue but well worth the wait.  Atom first evolved wheels from 62x44 (made f
or speed skating) to 59x38 which is now the standard in high level roller derby.  We also led the way in hollow core/cap technology.  Atom has set the bar for all others to strive.  Our original designs were merely cutting the 62x44 wheels down to 59x38.  This was not ideal but at the time there was nothing better and the cost to retool was high. 

Over the past 18 months we have retooled our wheels molds, both alloy and nylon hollow caps.  It worked for the best that we waited as our competitors have now copied the straight edge "cut" look of the hollow core and cap.  Our urethane was extensively tested and now its time for skaters to see for themselves.  Our new 'Game-Thane' wheels prove to be tougher, faster and have a higher rebound - extending the life of the wheel and return on your push. 

Parallel with these updates, we developed a new hybrid urethane called BOOM, a compound never seen before by Atom that was in development for over a year.  Hybrid wheels have taken on a market of their own starting with the ever popular POISON wheels!  Boom wheels will eventually become the NEW standard in hybrid wheels.  Boom is formulated to last, grip and roll on all surfaces.  IT IS THE FASTEST, HIGHEST PERFORMING HYBRID ON THE MARKET, WE GUARANTEE IT! 

We appreciate our customers support and looking forward to a great 2014 season.  Tournament season is shortly approaching and we couldn't be more excited!

You can get your hands on Atom Wheels at your local skating center, brick & mortar or our TOP online shops - see the links below to GET YOURS!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Atom BOOM Wheels...get the *Dirty* on formula, hardness, available models and MORE!

 Atom BOOM Wheels...everything you want to know!
The secret is GETTING OUT, these wheels are hands DOWN the ULTIMATE (fastest and grippiest) Hybrid on the market today.  Available in the following sizes and models:
Atom Boom in Firm - 59x38mm (Pink Core)
Atom Boom in Firm - 62x44mm *Larger Footprint, better grip (Pink Core)
Atom Boom in XFirm - 59x38 (Orange Core)
Atom Boom in XFirm 62x44 (Orange Core)
Atom Boom in XFirm - XSLIM - 59x35 (Orange Core)
*Atom BOOM Team USA Edition in XFirm (Blue Core) 59x38
*Atom BOOM Team USA Edition in Xfirm (Blue Core) 62x44
5% of ALL proceeds go directly back to TEAM USA helping FUND their travel to Dallas in December for the 2014 WORLD CUP.  (WORD on the street is 29 countries will be competing!)  Help support the fastest growing sport in the world!
Firm and XFirm?  This is nothing new to the inline world as Atom introduced hardnesses called out in such a fashion over 10 years ago. 
Why Now and Why Boom?  Because it's a different formula NEVER used before in an Atom wheel.  The abrasion / roll / etc. performs completely different.  A 97A in our *Indoor* formula performs much different than a 97A in *Boom* formula.  We will tell you this - the hardness rating difference from Poison is 6 points.  The hardness rating of difference between firm and xfirm in BOOM is also 6 points. 
These aren't anything like Poison EXCEPT we refer to them as a HYBRID. Poison is more of a marshmallow type feel -great for NEW skaters and anyone who wants / needs stability due to the material and hardness of Poison.
What is amazing about BOOM is they ROLL WAY better than Poison which means you have less effort on every push AND on CONCRETE they grip more.
Additional feedback we've received is on sport court they have a nice ride when compared to "Indoor" wheels such as Atom's other wheels (Juke, G-Rods, etc). They absorb the unsteady surface of the sport court.   Anyone that happens to bother should skate outdoors to get used to vibration. This will make for a smooth transition to sport court if you're not used to it!
Any more questions? Just ASK!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


At a MAP price of $159.00 (MSRP $169) Jackson and Atom team up to give the consumer an unbelievable deal!  Choose from Atom SNAP Wheels in Pink or Black and additionally you get  set of POISON or PULSE as a 2nd set at NO additional charge! 

Now, you're covered from derby, to rink rat to outdoor cruising all in 1 package price of $159!

JACKSON VIBE FEATURES: Bionic Stoppers (not cheap PVC plastic) Bionic Abec 7 Bearings and ATOM WHEELS!  Compared to the R3, the fit speaks for itself and the components cannot be matched, not to mention 2 sets of wheels!

Now available at and search:


Technologically ADVANCED Vertigo Q6 Boot, EXPOSED!

Only an Atom by Luigino boot can look this pretty when cut in half! 
If this is the technology out of the gate, what does this mean for future boot performance? 
New to the market in 2013, it's been a successful entry into the market and we look forward to the FUTURE!

Luigino & Atom Wheels introduce BAREFOOT BOOTIES!

Luigino introduces:  Barefoot Booties – Wear with your quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes!

*Neoprene outer with a soft absorbing inner

*2mm allows a more snug fitting boot

*Excellent barefoot replacement

*Improved comfort

*Reduced blisters (for some eliminate altogether)

*Easier Break-in on new boots


*Better longevity of your boots (vs. using barefoot)

*Increased performance over socks
Skate with Barefoot Booties and feel like 1 with your skate/shoe!

***MSRP $16.50***


Atom Wheels - The Official Wheel of the WFTDA & TEAM USA!!!

Atom Wheels - The Official Wheel of the WFTDA (for 6 years running) & TEAM USA!!!  Atom has introduced the NEW BOOM wheel in X-Firm for TEAM USA proceeds will help the team travel to this year's December World Cup in Dallas, Texas. 

Atom would like to thank the team and coaching staff for helping make this happen.

Tools for the Pilot Falcon Plates, YES they DO exist!

Tools for the Pilot Falcon Plates, YES they DO exist!  Now Available - Bionic Pivot Pin 1/2", Pivot Pin Lock Nut 1/4", 5mm Allen Tool, 11/16" Kingpin and micro adjusment simple Vibe/Viper skate tool.  Contact or your local retailer for more details!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Julie Brandt - Glass AKA Atomatrix...on WHY SHE LOVES SKATING !

You know why I have a passion for skating? Because no matter what is happening negatively in my life, you forget about it as soon as you start rolling.

Competing for 25 years and still rolling strong.

I always feel good after skating, always. It's my natural drug!  Kisses to all my fellow skaters out there!  Jam, Derby, Rink Rat - you ALL apply!

Who agrees?

New Authorized PLATINUM Dealer of Atom Wheels! Introducing DEVASKATION !

Have to give a shout out to friend and fellow World Champ and Hall of Famer, Skip Clinton for following his passion in skating and turning it into business.  When you can make your passion your work, consider yourself LUCKY !
I think the skating / derby community will be pleasantly surprised with their sales & service. 
Of course, we're huge fans / supporters of your local brick & mortars as well as roller rinks.  Show your support to keep them afloat! 

Customer TESTIMONIAL on Atom's all NEW BOOM wheels! Available now in FIRM and XFirm

Arizona Roller Derby's Angela 'LOCO LENA' Brown has this to say on Atom's new BOOM wheels:

Our practice facility is in a warehouse with polished concrete.  We have to treat the floor with traction prior to every practice as it is very slick otherwise.  I have always had an issue finding a wheel that really works on our practice surface until I got the new BOOM wheel.  The first day i tried them I seriously felt like I was in Heaven (literally felt like I was skating on clouds).  Even on the days where the floor is slick I feel like I have traction that I wouldn't have on other wheels.  I am skating on Boom in Firm and don't even have to change to harder wheels on sport court.  The material on these wheels allows the grip I need as a jammer and the slide I need for stops as a blocker.  So far this wheel has been my favorite wheel to skate on, and I've been playing derby for 8 years!  THank you Atom Wheels for helping me find a wheel that allows me to both block and jam on any surface with control and comfort!

-Loco Lena #5150 of the Tent City Terrors