Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Technologically Advanced SKATES - Atom by Luigino's 'F1 Skate Packages' Strut - Enzo & Sting Pack A PUNCH Worth Looking At!

Technologically Advanced SKATES - Atom by Luigino's 'F1 Skate Packages' Strut - Enzo & Sting Pack A PUNCH Worth Looking At!

What to do when your local brick & mortar shop or roller rink doesn't have many models to test?  When you're at an event - be sure to try on all manufacturers models and sizes and dial in what you want to purchase.  This gives you an opportunity to purchase online (if the rink or store doesn't have what you're looking for!) 

Myself and my husband - Doug Glass - have been around skating our whole lives.  Whether it be competing, working, developing, etc.  This SETS US APART from the others.  We're not a MARKETING COMPANY with heavily lined pockets OR a descendant of a 50+ year old company.  We started in 1997 inside our apartment we lived in with a dream to be in the skate business.  WHY?  We were certain we could bring technolgically advanced skates that improve performance.  WE'RE DOING JUST THAT!

Recently, I got to see this for myself at my local league practice.  I could see one of my teammates - Maria Montoya - skating around on her Antik's.  Her plate broke while we were at the Big O tournament recently and it was evident she was in the market for a new pair of skates.  She chose the Q6 Matrix (with a Falcon Plus plate) package and I let her know everything she would feel immediately. 

1. Your skates will feel really responsive (like a sports car!).  Tight steering, cornering and easy handling

2. They will feel light on your feet - so your feet will be flying a little high!  Won't last long...

3. Your skates will feel like an extension of your feet - not foreign objects on your feet.

If you reach out to her - she will report back to you she felt all of the above from DAY 1!  It was amazing for me to watch this happen before my eyes.  In her Antik's her weight was to far forward and she skated like her skates were heavy (they were).  Her crossovers were more FLUID and her bobbing was gone.  Turning backwards, spins, toe stop runs - all no problem from day 1.  AMAZING.

Back to where this story started, it is frustrating for me when our skates are NOT at the local brick & mortar stores when I KNOW OUR BOOTS ARE SUPERIOR (this includes Q6, Q4, F1 and the Jackson line)  WHY are they superior?

1. Less break in time

2. Your boots will last you 3+ seasons (not 1 season like other brands)

3. More responsiveness, your foot feels 1 with your boot

3. NOT OVER PADDED, therefore they won't stretch and NOT fit you later.  They will feel the same from day 1 to year 3!

4. Not UNDER padded which can be a painful break in (especially if they are full leather)

5. A heel lock to keep you secure throughout your entire push.  If your foot is moving around your losing power / control on EVERY STEP.

6. Your counters are not cardboard which causes a quick breakdown and no support in a short amount of time.  Your Leather soles are the BEST quality - they won't even fold over your plates!  

7. Leather soles are STIFF enough not to lose any of your power transfer (soft soles are not good, so beware). 

I can go on and on but will leave this at 7 bullets, if you would like to discuss further -look me up on Instagram @Atomatrix or Facebook at Julie Brandt - Glass !  I work and live skating all day, every day.

Are we the oldest company around?  No.  Are we the richest?  No.  Are we better?  I certainly think so and WE GURANATEE OUR PRODUCTS WITH 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION to prove it.

So, if you're not seeing our products at your rink or store - have them brought in or purchase online at the following online retailers that support ALL of our products AND BELIVE IN US / OUR LINE AS MUCH AS I DO!




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