Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Atom Wheels - SUPPORTS our future of Roller Derby - JUNIORS! History has proven, our support will equal future World Champions, Olympians & even Olympic Medallists !

Sometimes I lay in bed at night with information we should share to our community and thought - today, I will blog about the future of roller derby, our JUNIORS. Giving back today helps the future's best whether it be roller derby, Inline speed or ice skating.

Atom started a Jr. Sponsor Program for roller derby in 2012, and currently takes care of 12 athletes with many, many more "product floats".

This is important to the brand and the future of roller sports - speed and/or roller derby. Myself and my husband Doug, wouldn't be where we're at today without the support from Tom Peterson of formerly owned Hyper Corporation. With his model, we also went on to support many athletes that have gone on to the World Championships (inline speed) and the Olympics for Short and Long track ice! To name a few that have received support -

Chad Hedrick - Most decorated Inline skaters with 52 World Titles and 5 Olympic Medals in Long Track
Joey Mantia - Inline World Champion and Long Track Ice Olympian
Derek Downing - Inline World Champion
Ippolito Sanfratello - Inline World Champion and Olympic Long Track Champion
Brittany Bowe - Inline World Champion and Olympian in Long Track / Also a current World Record Holder
Heather Richardson - Olympian in Long Track & Multiple Long Track World Cup Medallist
Jessica Smith - Inline World Champion and Short Track Olympian

There are many more we could add to this already very impressive list! 

Our latest addition is 'Tiny Crusher' out of Florida.  She just received her skates and already confirmed "I am now fast as lightning and loving my new colors"!  It blows me away that she can go from a R3 / Radar setup and PREFER her Jackson Vibe on Day 1 over her previous skates and yet some of our dealers choose not to support this product in store or online.  Time will prevail - because if you ask the skaters themselves (Noosie or Tiny) and MORE, the proof is in the testimonials.  When you match up the wheels, Stopper, bearings and boot - you cannot compare the quality you're getting vs its counterparts.

We look forwrad to receiving updates on her skating career and hope the support she receives helps inspire her to one day become a future national / world champion...or even an Olympian! 

-Julie Brandt-Glass AKA (Atomatrix) 
*Information on this year's Junior Roller derby Championship

*Atom Wheels' current list of sponsored roller derby skaters

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