Monday, April 30, 2012

2012/2013 Luigino/Atom Inline catalog!

Luigino Vertigo Quad boot debut at RSA!

Nistevo Sport launches a comprehensive quad skate program at this year’s RSA at the Rio in Las Vegas - May 1st & 2nd.

 Nistevo Sport MFG has teamed up with Jackson Roller to jointly create industry-leading roller skate products. Both brands have individual product advantages and market strategies that service the roller skating community and create opportunity for dealers, distributors and consumers. read more>

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bionic Bearings rewards MVP's from around the world!

Recently, Bionic Bearings conducted a worldwide call to skaters who were named MVP in 2011-2012. Each entry received Bionic Swiss bearings and an Atom Wheel Bag to show our appreciation for all their hard work! 

Below are the MVP's photos with a few details on their accomplishments. Be sure to congratulate your friends and derby family on their dedication to Roller Derby!

Abs of Steel
Amsterdam Derby Dames-Roller Girls of the Apocalypse 
Photo By: Wolf Schouten

Ace of Skates
NY Shock Exchange vs Harm City Homicide
Brooklyn, NY
Photo by: Hale Yeah

Ana Fire
Fort Myers Derby Girls
Fort Myers Derby Girls vs Thunder City Derby Sirens

Anita Martini
Tri-City Roller Girls
Tri City Thunder vs Roc Stars
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Annie Wrecksion
Dallas Derby Devils
Army of Darkness vs Girls Rolling in the South
Dallas, TX

Detroit Derby Girls Grand Prix Madonnas vs The Pistolwhippers
Detroit, Michigan

Philly Roller Girls
Philly vs Memphis
Philadelphia, PA

Arctic Fox
Yukon Roller Girls
Yukon Roller Girls vs Juneau
Yukon, Canada

Artemis Prime
Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Northwest Arkansas All-Star vs Springfield Roller Girls
Fayetteville, AR

B.F. SkinHer
Camel City Thrashers vs Ring City
Belews Creek, NC

Bebe Tango
West kentucky Rockin' Rollers
Rockin Rollers vs Southern Illinois Roller Girls

Jet City Roller Girls Carnevil vs Hula Honeys
Everett, WA
Photo By: Thomas Booth/Swiftwater Photography

Bity Smash Her
Underground Derby league
UDL vs Port Scandelous
Olympia, WA

Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Northwest Arkansas vs No Coast Derby Girls
Fayetteville, AR

Blue Scream of Death
Rocky Mountain Roller Girls
Project Mayhem vs Ark Valley High Rollers Denver, CO
Photo By: Dave Wood

Bombs Onya Moms
Phoenix Rattleskates
Phoenix Rattleskates vs San Diego Aftershocks
Phoenix, AZ

Bust N' Ace
Sin City Rollergirls-Tommy Gun Terrors
Las Vegas, NV

Red Stick Roller Derby
Baton Rouge, LA

Cari Bomb
Apple City Roller Derby Jawbreakers vs Hydro Elektras
Wenatchee, WA
Photo By: JP Portrait Studio

Conspiracy Fury
DC Rollergirls

Sin City Rollergirls Hoover Damned
Las Vegas, NV
(No picture provided)

Crash Bandicooch
  Queen City Roller Girls-Babes in Skateland
Springfield, MO
Photo By: Grizz Photos

Sin City Rollergirls-Victorious VIP's
Las Vegas, NV
(No picture provided)

Dave Wood 
Denver, CO
-MVP for all his hard work at each bout he shoots!

Port Angeles
Port Angeles, WA

Dyrtie Gyrtie
Lake City Roller Dolls
Lake City Rollers VS Dire Skates
Warsaw, Indiana

Feral Maril
Royal City Rollergirls
Brute-Leggers vs Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Guelph, Ontario

Fox Smoulder
Tri-City Roller Girls
Total Knockouts
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Fun Ghoul
Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Parma Violents vs Fair City Rollers
Photo By: Bruise Brothers by Sam Skipsey

Gail Gonna Nail Ya
Tri-City Rolling Thunder
Tri-City Rolling Thunder vs Norfolk Bruizin Bettys
Kearny, NE

Ginger Minge
Ft Lewis Bettie Brigade-WWS
Ft. Lewis, WA

Gnat King Kill
St. Louis GateKeepers
Numerous MVP awards
St. Louis
Photo By: Mr. McWheely

Philly Roller Girls
RMRG Fight Club vs PRG Liberty Belles Philadelphia, PA
Photo By: Dave Wood

Capital City Derby Dolls Dolly Rogers vs Riot Squad-Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

Hugh Jorgan
Ozarks Derby Brigade
Ozrk Derby Brigade vs Kansas City Cowtown Butchers
Springfield, MO

Ace N Sk8's
Lead, South Dakota

Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Numerous MVP awards
Fayetteville, AR

Jugg E. Naut
Augusta Roller Derby
Augusta, GA

Juke Picard
Alanta Roller Girls
Atlanta, Georgia

Brandywine Roller Girls
Brass Knuckle Betties vs The Spell Razors
Eagleville, PA

Norfolk Bruizin Bettys
Bruizin Bettys vs Tri-City Rolling Thunder

Kitty O'Doom
Rollergirls of Central Kentucky
ROCK vs Little City Rollergirls
Lexington, KY
Photo By: King Photography

Sin City Rollergirls Flying Aces
Las Vegas, NV
(No photo provided)

La Lucha
Sac City Rollers
Sacramento, CA
Photo By:

Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Numerous MVP Awards
Fayetteville, AR

Lacy Thunder Ware
Central Coast Roller Derby
Photo By: David Costa

Lady Cuntessa
Yukon Roller Girls
Juneau, Alaska

Laura Hamelman
Palmetto State Rollergirls
Greenville, SC

Lil Debbie Smackcakes
Fort Myers Derby Girls
Fort Myers Derby Girls vs Duval Derby Dames
(No picture provided)

Lyra Stephens
River Region Rollergirls
River Region Rollergirls vs Richland County Regulators
Columbia, SC

Maliboozer Barbie
Jet City Roller Girls
Pink Pistols vs CarnEvil
Everett, WA

Mandy Maggotbone
Royal City Rollergirls
Royal City Rollergirls vs Eastside Derby Girls
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
(No picture provided)

Mangled Web
Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Battle Creek, MI

Mary Lou Wretched
Kansas City Roller Warriors
Photo By: Junior

Mass Extinction
Mitten Mavens Roller Derby
MMRD VS Chemical City Derby Girls
Lansing, Michigan
Photo By: A. Jahr Photography

May B. Twisted
London Rollergirls
LRG Batter C Power vs Brighton Rockers
London, England

May Q. Pay
Rocky Mountain Roller Girls
RMRG Contenders vs Denver Roller Dolls B Team
Denver, CO
Photo By: Dave Wood

Rocky Mountain Roller Girls
Denver, CO

Michonne UnSlayable
West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers
Hillbilly Ho Down
Paducah, KY

Milady Misery
Port Scandalous
Widbey Island vs Tough Love-Bellingham Roller Betties

Milla Tyme
Springfield Rollergirls
Battle Broads vs River Valley Roller Girls
Springfield, MO
Photo By: Junior

Mona Mour
Boston Derby Dames
Wicked Pissahs vs Cosmonaughties
Boston, MA
Photo By: Joe Medolo

Morticia Militia
Jet City Roller Girls Hula Honeys vs Camaro Harem
Evereett, WA
Axle Adams

Moxie Crue
Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Kelowna, Canada

Pepper Slay
Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Colorado Springs, CO

Poison Sue Smac
Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Numerous MVP awards
Asheville, NC
Photo By: Jeffrey Bazzell

Polish HIT-Man
Kansas City Cowtown Butchers
Numerous MVP awards
Kansas City, Kansas

Rive Region Rollergirls
Montgomery, AL

Punches n' Cream
Kitsap Derby Brats
Kitsap Derby Brats vs I-5 Rollergirls
Port Orchard, WA

Fort Wayne
Bomb Squad vs Sioux Falls
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Photo By: Double D Photography

Rainbow of Chaos
Columbia Quad Squad Minis
Columbia, South Carolina
Photo By: A Boy Named Tsunami

Rainbow Smite
Rollergirls of Central Kentucky
Numerous MVP awards
Lexington, KY

Rox Yorr Soxov
Foco Girls Done Derby-Micro Bruisers
Photo By: Jason Buck/Buck Photography

Sandra ButtBlock
Gent Go-GO Roller Girls
Go-go Roller Girls vs Ruhrpott Roller Girls

Scene of the Crash
Cowtown Butchers
Cowtown Butchers vs Ozark Derby Brigade

Serentiy Storm
Fort Myers Derby Girls
Fort Myers Derby Girls vs Thunder City Derby Sirens

Sharon Beavers
Jacksonville RollerGirls
Jacksonville RollerGirls vs Hard Knox All Stars
Jacksonville, FL

Skull Girl Crush
Augusta Roller Derby
Soul City Sirens vs Columbia Quad Squad Mis Bhaviors
Augusta, GA

Lake City Roller Dolls
Lake City Rollers VS Dire Skates
Warsaw, Indiana

Stephanie Mainey
London Rollergirls
Team England vs Team Canada
London, England
(No picture provided)

Sugar Shock
Rollergirls of Central Kentucky
Rollergirls of Central Kentucky v. Chemical Valley
Sadieville, Kentucky

Suvi Hokkari
Helsinki Roller Derby
Team Finland vs Team Sweden

Sweet Mary Pain
Rocky Mountain Roller Girls
MVP NC Regionals
Denver, CO

Swiss Missile
Denver Roller Dolls
Denver, CO
Photo By: Angela Kane

Terri Sudron
Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Middlesbrough Milk Rollers vs Wakey Wheeled Cats
Photo By: Chris Bell

Trial & Terror
Vette City Roller Derby
Numerous MVP awards
Bowling Green, KY

Unskinny Wop 
Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Governers Cup
Springdale, AR

Vajenna Warrior
Queen City Roller Girls
Lake Effect Furies vs Port Authorities
Williamsville, NY