Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Atom Wear Available!

Just posted to our site... the brand new 2011 Atom Derby Wear! Just in time for Regionals and Nationals!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Staff Change at Atom Wheels

September 15, 2010

To our valued Atom customers,

Luke Powell, (aka Shortbus), has expressed his wish to leave the company for his personal reasons. Luke has been with us for just over a year. During this time he has shown diligence and commitment to his work. He has related well with his colleagues and other employees. Please join us in expressing gratitude for the expert information and skills he applied during his tenure with Nistevo/Atom Wheels. Many of us have learned a great deal from his knowledge and for that, we thank him.

We wish Luke all the very best in his future accomplishments.

From this point forward, please contact Julie Glass, (aka Atomatrix), with any questions you may have regarding Atom Derby wheels. Julie is poised to handle all your questions or concerns regarding Atom Derby. Not only is Julie the owner of Atom Wheels but she is also an enthusiastic advocate of the sport of Roller Derby.
Julie Glass / Atomatrix
Tel: 360.456.8628

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anna Wrecksya - Boston Derby!

Check out this AMAZING writeup from our Atom Allstar Anna Wrecksya

Its been a busy summer for Boston Massacre, Boston Derby Dames' all stars ranked #3 in the East by WFTDA and #12 nationally by Derby News Network as of September 2010.

In June, Denver's Mile High Club came to Boston on the 19th and killed it, 203-100.  They may have won the points game but Boston still won the pants game.  The following weekend, Massacre drove to our home away from home, Feasterville, PA, for the 4th annual East Coast Derby Extravaganza hosted by Philly Rollergirls.  There's nothing better than the sun, a pool, and roller derby.  The team experimented with some strategies, partnerships and positions; for the first time since transferring to Boston in 2007, I donned a stripe on my head.  Saturday night, Boston kept Gotham on their toes with a final of 164-82, which was also Boston's best showing against them ever.  Anyone who has ever played Gotham knows that its about the small victories, and losing by less than 100 basically feels like winning.  Sunday night, Boston played Rose City Rollers in the final game of the weekend and I think we delivered a good game for the crowd.  Boston controlled the first half, but Rose skillfully turned the ship around in the second period to win 87-61.  

In July, Madison came to visit on the 17th.  Our teamwork was pretty tight throughout the game, but in typical Dairyland Doll fashion, they had a late game defensive lockdown and scoring run that made us scurry to secure a win, 110-89.  Then, we traveled to Chicago to play Windy City on the 31st who is still a formidable opponent despite the turnover of big name vets after Nationals 2009.  WCR completely owned the first half, but Boston rallied in the second to close the gap with a final score of 121-115.  Anyway, who cares about derby when Transformers 3 was filming directly in front of our hotel.  When we weren't hustling limos for a ride or visiting the aquarium, we were sitting in the windows of our rooms watching Shia LaBeouf and Patrick Dempsey fight each other (spoiler?), Tyrese shooting blanks at imaginary Transformers, and their stunt doubles doing push ups.

Then we traveled to the home of John Waters to play Charm City All Stars on August 21st.  If you've never been to Baltimore, its a pretty unique place; there's a community garden ~200' from The Block, they love crabs, and the doors to the row houses are way tiny!  The game was really close the whole time with short-lived leads by both Boston and Charm.  Charm took it away at the end 152-136--the 16 point differential was predicted on the nose by Dyte rankings.  One lady told me at the afterparty that the game gave her a migraine and meant it as a compliment.

We're to training hard and applying everything we've learned from our tough 4-7 season for the WFTDA East Region Playoff Tournament in White Plains, NY, Sept 24-26.  The competition for a spot at the WFTDA Championship is going to be fierce, but we're ready for the challenge.  

We've played 11 games this year in 4 states, 2 countries, and 5 surfaces (7 if you include practice).  The one consistent thing throughout the year is that in every game I've been skating on my Lowboy slims.  They don't get tons of fanfare, but they're an amazing all around wheel.  They took forever to lose their tread, and like a good wine, they only get better with age as they're grippier bald than with tread.  Viva la Lowboys, and see you at Regionals!

<3 Anna, Boston Massacre

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The highly anticipated Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy are available for PREORDER!

Atom Set to Launch JUKE 2.0!!

FINALLY, the highly anticipated Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy are ready for PREORDER! Atom Wheels all-new redesign of its wildly-popular Juke wheel lineup is set to debut in September. The new look Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy will sport bright green urethane wrapped around either a nylon hub or, for the first time, alloy hubs...not previously available on the original Jukes. Just in time for tournament and holiday season! We are really stoked about these wheels. I have personally been skating the Juke Alloy for the last few months, and WOW, have we out done ourselves this time.

Make sure you swing by the booth during tournament season because I will have the New Juke 2.0 on the table ready for sale! Juke Alloy will also be on the table for sneak peak only.... YA,YA, I know BUT they will be ready by NATIONALS!!!!!!

Are you ready for the next innovation from Atom Wheels, Stay Tuned!

Atom Derby