Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The highly anticipated Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy are available for PREORDER!

Atom Set to Launch JUKE 2.0!!

FINALLY, the highly anticipated Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy are ready for PREORDER! Atom Wheels all-new redesign of its wildly-popular Juke wheel lineup is set to debut in September. The new look Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy will sport bright green urethane wrapped around either a nylon hub or, for the first time, alloy hubs...not previously available on the original Jukes. Just in time for tournament and holiday season! We are really stoked about these wheels. I have personally been skating the Juke Alloy for the last few months, and WOW, have we out done ourselves this time.

Make sure you swing by the booth during tournament season because I will have the New Juke 2.0 on the table ready for sale! Juke Alloy will also be on the table for sneak peak only.... YA,YA, I know BUT they will be ready by NATIONALS!!!!!!

Are you ready for the next innovation from Atom Wheels, Stay Tuned!

Atom Derby