Tuesday, February 18, 2014


At a MAP price of $159.00 (MSRP $169) Jackson and Atom team up to give the consumer an unbelievable deal!  Choose from Atom SNAP Wheels in Pink or Black and additionally you get  set of POISON or PULSE as a 2nd set at NO additional charge! 

Now, you're covered from derby, to rink rat to outdoor cruising all in 1 package price of $159!

JACKSON VIBE FEATURES: Bionic Stoppers (not cheap PVC plastic) Bionic Abec 7 Bearings and ATOM WHEELS!  Compared to the R3, the fit speaks for itself and the components cannot be matched, not to mention 2 sets of wheels!

Now available at and search:


Technologically ADVANCED Vertigo Q6 Boot, EXPOSED!

Only an Atom by Luigino boot can look this pretty when cut in half! 
If this is the technology out of the gate, what does this mean for future boot performance? 
New to the market in 2013, it's been a successful entry into the market and we look forward to the FUTURE!

Luigino & Atom Wheels introduce BAREFOOT BOOTIES!

Luigino introduces:  Barefoot Booties – Wear with your quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes!

*Neoprene outer with a soft absorbing inner

*2mm allows a more snug fitting boot

*Excellent barefoot replacement

*Improved comfort

*Reduced blisters (for some eliminate altogether)

*Easier Break-in on new boots


*Better longevity of your boots (vs. using barefoot)

*Increased performance over socks
Skate with Barefoot Booties and feel like 1 with your skate/shoe!

***MSRP $16.50***


Atom Wheels - The Official Wheel of the WFTDA & TEAM USA!!!

Atom Wheels - The Official Wheel of the WFTDA (for 6 years running) & TEAM USA!!!  Atom has introduced the NEW BOOM wheel in X-Firm for TEAM USA proceeds will help the team travel to this year's December World Cup in Dallas, Texas. 

Atom would like to thank the team and coaching staff for helping make this happen.

Tools for the Pilot Falcon Plates, YES they DO exist!

Tools for the Pilot Falcon Plates, YES they DO exist!  Now Available - Bionic Pivot Pin 1/2", Pivot Pin Lock Nut 1/4", 5mm Allen Tool, 11/16" Kingpin and micro adjusment simple Vibe/Viper skate tool.  Contact or your local retailer for more details!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Julie Brandt - Glass AKA Atomatrix...on WHY SHE LOVES SKATING !

You know why I have a passion for skating? Because no matter what is happening negatively in my life, you forget about it as soon as you start rolling.

Competing for 25 years and still rolling strong.

I always feel good after skating, always. It's my natural drug!  Kisses to all my fellow skaters out there!  Jam, Derby, Rink Rat - you ALL apply!

Who agrees?

New Authorized PLATINUM Dealer of Atom Wheels! Introducing DEVASKATION !

Have to give a shout out to friend and fellow World Champ and Hall of Famer, Skip Clinton for following his passion in skating and turning it into business.  When you can make your passion your work, consider yourself LUCKY !
I think the skating / derby community will be pleasantly surprised with their sales & service. 
Of course, we're huge fans / supporters of your local brick & mortars as well as roller rinks.  Show your support to keep them afloat! 

Customer TESTIMONIAL on Atom's all NEW BOOM wheels! Available now in FIRM and XFirm

Arizona Roller Derby's Angela 'LOCO LENA' Brown has this to say on Atom's new BOOM wheels:

Our practice facility is in a warehouse with polished concrete.  We have to treat the floor with traction prior to every practice as it is very slick otherwise.  I have always had an issue finding a wheel that really works on our practice surface until I got the new BOOM wheel.  The first day i tried them I seriously felt like I was in Heaven (literally felt like I was skating on clouds).  Even on the days where the floor is slick I feel like I have traction that I wouldn't have on other wheels.  I am skating on Boom in Firm and don't even have to change to harder wheels on sport court.  The material on these wheels allows the grip I need as a jammer and the slide I need for stops as a blocker.  So far this wheel has been my favorite wheel to skate on, and I've been playing derby for 8 years!  THank you Atom Wheels for helping me find a wheel that allows me to both block and jam on any surface with control and comfort!

-Loco Lena #5150 of the Tent City Terrors