Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Atom Gear is here!

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Who is going to Nationals from your part of town

On Sept 16, 2011 the Eastern Regional took off in Baltimore, Maryland. 3 days of non stop derby to see who makes it to the WFTDA National championships in November. As of the end of the long weekend these are the teams that came out on top to go to the WFTDA Nationals.

1st- NY Gotham Roller Girls
2nd- Philly Liberty Bells
3rd- Charm City

The Western Regional took off on Sept 23 in Portland, OR. Teams from the western region included the Oly Rollers, Rocky Mountain, Rose City, Rat City, Tuscon, Bay Area, Jet City, Sacred city, Denver, and Angel City. After some very intense close bouts the teams that made it out to the nationals in Denver, CO are as follows:

1st- Oly Rollers
2nd- Rocky Mountain
3rd- Rose City

Congratulations to all the teams advancing.

Keep posted for more results from South Central Regional taking place Sept 30th - Oct 2nd. North Central Regional is Oct. 7th-Oct.9th. See you all there.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

WFTDA Featured Skater - Atomatrix!

September 2011 Featured Skater: ATOMATRIX
Continuing her habit of earning trophies for her performance on skates, Atomatrix has traded in the speed track for the flat track; skating as a jammer for the Oly Rollers’ Cosa Nostra Donnas. Leading a life dedicated to roller derby, including owning and running a skating business, she still finds time to raise twin girls. Learn more about how this derby girl brings the “eye of the tiger” to everything she does… read full interview>