Thursday, March 13, 2014

Atom Wheels PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE - Leading the way in PERFORMANCE for 6 years running...

Atom Wheels continues to strive in service and performance.  We always make performance our priority when designing and developing.  The recent overhaul of Atom Wheels' 2014 line has been driven by the evolution of the sport (roller derby).  Atom has been leading the way in wheel development since 2008!  The longstanding Official Wheel of the WFTDA since 2009 and also the official wheel of the 2011 and current Team USA Women's World Cup Team.

Our 2014 overhaul / wheel launch was long overdue but well worth the wait.  Atom first evolved wheels from 62x44 (made f
or speed skating) to 59x38 which is now the standard in high level roller derby.  We also led the way in hollow core/cap technology.  Atom has set the bar for all others to strive.  Our original designs were merely cutting the 62x44 wheels down to 59x38.  This was not ideal but at the time there was nothing better and the cost to retool was high. 

Over the past 18 months we have retooled our wheels molds, both alloy and nylon hollow caps.  It worked for the best that we waited as our competitors have now copied the straight edge "cut" look of the hollow core and cap.  Our urethane was extensively tested and now its time for skaters to see for themselves.  Our new 'Game-Thane' wheels prove to be tougher, faster and have a higher rebound - extending the life of the wheel and return on your push. 

Parallel with these updates, we developed a new hybrid urethane called BOOM, a compound never seen before by Atom that was in development for over a year.  Hybrid wheels have taken on a market of their own starting with the ever popular POISON wheels!  Boom wheels will eventually become the NEW standard in hybrid wheels.  Boom is formulated to last, grip and roll on all surfaces.  IT IS THE FASTEST, HIGHEST PERFORMING HYBRID ON THE MARKET, WE GUARANTEE IT! 

We appreciate our customers support and looking forward to a great 2014 season.  Tournament season is shortly approaching and we couldn't be more excited!

You can get your hands on Atom Wheels at your local skating center, brick & mortar or our TOP online shops - see the links below to GET YOURS!


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