Monday, March 10, 2014

Atom BOOM Wheels...get the *Dirty* on formula, hardness, available models and MORE!

 Atom BOOM Wheels...everything you want to know!
The secret is GETTING OUT, these wheels are hands DOWN the ULTIMATE (fastest and grippiest) Hybrid on the market today.  Available in the following sizes and models:
Atom Boom in Firm - 59x38mm (Pink Core)
Atom Boom in Firm - 62x44mm *Larger Footprint, better grip (Pink Core)
Atom Boom in XFirm - 59x38 (Orange Core)
Atom Boom in XFirm 62x44 (Orange Core)
Atom Boom in XFirm - XSLIM - 59x35 (Orange Core)
*Atom BOOM Team USA Edition in XFirm (Blue Core) 59x38
*Atom BOOM Team USA Edition in Xfirm (Blue Core) 62x44
5% of ALL proceeds go directly back to TEAM USA helping FUND their travel to Dallas in December for the 2014 WORLD CUP.  (WORD on the street is 29 countries will be competing!)  Help support the fastest growing sport in the world!
Firm and XFirm?  This is nothing new to the inline world as Atom introduced hardnesses called out in such a fashion over 10 years ago. 
Why Now and Why Boom?  Because it's a different formula NEVER used before in an Atom wheel.  The abrasion / roll / etc. performs completely different.  A 97A in our *Indoor* formula performs much different than a 97A in *Boom* formula.  We will tell you this - the hardness rating difference from Poison is 6 points.  The hardness rating of difference between firm and xfirm in BOOM is also 6 points. 
These aren't anything like Poison EXCEPT we refer to them as a HYBRID. Poison is more of a marshmallow type feel -great for NEW skaters and anyone who wants / needs stability due to the material and hardness of Poison.
What is amazing about BOOM is they ROLL WAY better than Poison which means you have less effort on every push AND on CONCRETE they grip more.
Additional feedback we've received is on sport court they have a nice ride when compared to "Indoor" wheels such as Atom's other wheels (Juke, G-Rods, etc). They absorb the unsteady surface of the sport court.   Anyone that happens to bother should skate outdoors to get used to vibration. This will make for a smooth transition to sport court if you're not used to it!
Any more questions? Just ASK!


Anonymous said...

Freshie here. Currently on grod 93s. Wanting something a little grippier. Games are played on a sport court but all practices are on a slick wood floor. We have a weird setup ss well for our games with the sport court being laid on top of a volleyball court. I was suggested the boom wheels but how do I know if I need firm or extra firm?

Atom said...

Hey Freshie! I suggest in Boom - FIRM as they will roll just as good as your 93A GRods but also have more grip. Another possibility is Atom DNA wheels which is the same formula as your G-Rods, just softer.

Laura Hester said...

Hi!! I am not sure which wheels to get the firm or extra firm . We skate on a concrete surface that is slippery at times. I currently skate on poisons which were fine but I need much faster wheel! Suggestions appreciated!!! Slim or straight slim?? Thanks so much!!!

Brenna said...

Hi, I practice on outdoor polished concrete. Currently on poisons. I'm curious about the possibility of getting a set of firm and firm each, and combining in a pusher setup, maybe a Morty? Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I skate on Strokers 98.5a, I love them, but our new floor is hard board, which absorbs a lot of the energy that goes into skating. I was looking for a harder wheel. I had checked out Rollerbones Turbo in a 101a, but I've personally always been an Atom's fan. Anyways, what wheel would you recommend? Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Hey! since you don't list the hardness of the wheels I was hoping to get a suggestion from you guys. My team skates on a finished wood floor (indoor) and now with summer coming I'm looking for something a little harder. I'm currently skating on Poisons (i'm relatively new) and I was wondering if you would recommend the firm or extra firms. I'm looking to pick up a little speed but I don't want to be sliding all around. I read on other blogs that the "firm" can be compared to 88A but that's about all I got. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

As a skater myself and my child is also a skater, we both agree on 91A 97A hybrids.I just bought firm Booms and they are wonderful! Remember the golden skate rule: the softer the wheel, the stickier they are. My own personal choice are 97A but due to a knee injury years ago, I'm not as agile and have been skating with 88A's prior to my booms.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been a huge fan of Atom wheels and have been skating the Atom Dubz 100a wides, Dubz 2.0, and the 2nd gen Strokers 98.5a wides for years. All great wheels for skaters that weigh 200 lbs and above. Especially the aluminum hubbed ones. In my opinion, the best wheels you had were the three I mentioned, and now for some reason you don't even sell them anymore. It seems to me that you are only marketing your wheels towards women and skaters that weigh less than 200 lbs. So you are cutting yourselves out of a large market of people who would really love to have a wheel that is aluminum hubbed, and 98a or harder. Please consider us again and I will definitely buy your wheels again, but I cannot skate your current offerings because wheels that soft are like skating in mud. Thanks.