Monday, March 15, 2010

Mechanical Lock Technology!

ML Technology is FINALLY HERE. This has been a long time in the making.. Check out the info Below. This will be on all our NEW manufactured wheels!!


Atom Wheels Mechanical Lock Technology™ Has Arrived!
ML Technology™ is another advancement in Atom Wheels’ line to make our overall product just that much better. Mechanical Lock Technology™ will allow for superior bonding of our two-piece hollow core hub design.
ML Technology™ is a lip that has been added to the cap side of the core to allow for better overall bonding between the core and the urethane.
In the diagram above you will notice how the urethane (yellow/orange) forms over both sides of the cap (blue) ultimately allowing both materials to bond perfectly. This will eliminate any hub issues that we have had in the past! If you have any questions about the new Mechanical Lock Technology™, please feel free to contact us at 360.456.8628.