Monday, March 8, 2010

How the Clover Cup Went Down!!

What an AMAZING write up from our Front Runner Matomic... CHECK IT OUT!!

Shortbus - (Picture used from Dallas Derby Devil Facebook)

What's up Derby World,
This is Matomic, down in Dallas, Texas. Just wanted to give everyone a quick recap of what happened this weekend at the Clover Cup here in Dallas. It was an AWESOME tournament for the SC region, most of your top teams, exluding #1 Austin and #2 KC, so it was an up-and-down tournament the whole weekend! Game 1-Day 1 saw Tampa VS Dallas, Tampa came out swinging and really opened up Dallas' eyes. Dallas came back really hard second half and ended up with the W. Game 2-Day1 saw No Coast VS Atlanta, Atlanta pretty much swept the floor with No Coast, although No Coast is looking much stronger than last year, it wasn't enough to knock any steam off of ATL as they steamrolled through. Game 3-Day 1 saw Houston VS Dallas, same result as Governor's Cup, Dallas domination, Houston's loss of close to 11 vets is really changing the dynamic of the Houston all star team, some of the skaters are experiecing their first tournament play ever between Gov cup and Clover cup. Game 4-Day 1, Tampa VS No Coast, pretty back and forth for most of the game, the last 15 mins of the second half Tampa pulled away. Game 5-Day 1 Dallas VS Atlanta, Atlanta came in and took full advantage over a tired and worn out Dallas team, coming off two full games already that day, opposed to Atlanta's cake-walk game 1. Atlanta had the lead from the end of the half until the end of the game.

Day 2 saw Houston vs Tampa, in a nail-biter all the way to the finish, with Tampa pulling it out in the last jam that saw both teams star jammers line up twice in a row against each other, Mistilla for Houston, Little-A for Tampa, best game of the weekend, hands down! Game 2 was Houston vs Dallas, yet again the same scenario that has now played out 4 times in the past month, Houston getting steamrolled by Dallas due to loss of so many vets. Game 3 saw a very determined Dallas vs a very rested Atlanta. Dallas lead going into the second half, and just lost all their gas in the last 15 mins, and ATL was able to run away with the W and the Clover Cup!

Everyone that was running well was running the Atom wheels, Anita Riot got tournament MVP on a borrowed pair of Jukes :cough MINE! Cough: and also announcers choice Merchant of Menace running some atom combo's…. Good weekend, and lots of diff Atom wheels out there, the floor allowed for harder wheels or softer wheels and I saw the full range, from Stingers to Strokers, whatever your flavor, Atom seems to have it!

I'll see you all when I see you!

Dallas Deception
Atom Derby Front Runner