Monday, March 22, 2010

Derby in Dallas

Congrats to DDD Hell Razors on their win over Green Country. Check out what Atom Derby's own Front Runner Matomic had to say.


Whats up Derby World:
Once again, it's Matomic in Dallas with some more derby world updates from the South Central region. Dallas Derby Devils travel team, The Hell Razors throw back there 10th WFTDA bout in the past 20 days against Oklahoma team Green Country Roller Girls. On their 4th anniversary of their league, the Green Country girls traveled down to Dallas to play Assassination City saturday night pulling away a win, then sunday night playing the Hellrazors to a much different lopsided battle as Green Country saw penalty trouble from beginning to end, having only around 10 full jams with 5 skaters on the track per half. Dallas seemed to capitalize by putting up numerous 10-0 and 15-0 jams while on power plays. End result was Dallas up by over 100 at the end of the game while only fielding one of their star jammers, Anita Riot. Both Roxie LaRoo and Miley Virus were sitting out resting for the upcoming Franky Panky tournament in Tampa, Florida, that will see Dallas in their first game this season with a WFTDA team outside of their own region, Cinncinnati Roller Girls, should be a good one in April!
Later kids,