Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oly Rollers Boot Camp

The Oly Rollers Boot camp was heart pumping, calorie burning, intense training, and just absolutely AMAZING! This camp included amazing skaters from all over the United States. Girls came into the camp ready to train hard and learn just what it takes to be a National Champion, and as expected, they got that and then some!

The Oly Rollers are comprised of phenomenal skaters from all types of skating backgrounds. The camp started off with Atom’s own Atomatrix teaching extensive speed and stride classes, and moved forward with great blocking and conditioning classes from Sassy, Tannibal, D-Bomb, Heffer and Blonde An’ Bitchin.

In my eyes, the camp was an overall success with the campers learning valuable lessons they are sure to take back to their respective leagues. If you weren’t there, you MISSED a ton! And for those who were there, well... they learned exactly why the Oly Rollers are the 2009 WFTDA National Champions!