Friday, May 28, 2010

Midwest Brewhaha 2010

The Midwest was one of the most organized tournaments that I had ever been to. I went over early Friday night to get the lay of the land and find out where our booth spot would be.People were already there getting ready for the weekends events. The floor was being laid one side while the track lines were being finished on the other. The biggest shocker of the night was to see how crazy of a set up Derby News Network had.

The derby weekend was full of excitement with bouts going on both tracks. I am going to have to say my favorite game was the Tampa VS Arch Rival game. It was amazing to almost see Tampa come back and when in the last few minutes. There were a ton of stand out players during the vent, especially Anna Maniac, from Omaha!!!

Big shout out to the Bruise City girls who put on an AMAZING event in which I CANNOT wait to be there next year.

Up next is the long awaited ECE... WOW am i stoked!!

Atom Derby

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Atom Poison Review

To all those derby skaters out there looking for a wheel that can grip ANYWHERE, the Poison is DEFINITELY for you. Atomatrix just got back from Boston and skated these. We all know how fast and powerful she is but what you may not know is how picky she is with her wheels. She does not want ANYTHING to slow her down. During the Boston warm up and floor test she could not find a wheel that she was comfortable with until she threw on the Poison wheels. They had the perfect grip while maintaining the great roll that only Atom can bring. These wheels allowed her to once again stay ahead of the competition and help bring another victory to Oly

Also, Check out the review that our Atom Front Runner Pitchit did while in our first test stages of these wheels

Poison Wheel Test and Review
by Pitchit

3/17/10 - Dry Heat Militia vs Tucson Saddletramps - 2 Hour Practice/Scrimmage
Catalina High School - Outdoor Polished Concrete Track
Catalina is notorious for being VERY slick concrete. Between the infrequent Arizona rain storms, the track builds a fine layer of dust that makes it almost comical to skate on. It is possible to get some speed on the straights but all of that speed is lost while sliding through the turns. After a big rain storm, all of the dust is gone and the clean concrete has excellent traction for a couple more weeks.
At the time of this test, the track conditions were less than optimal. Last rain on the track was approximately .42 inches on 3/7/10 which is not enough to flood the track for a thorough cleaning.
Out of the box, the Poisons have the characteristic new wheel feel. Kind of like they have a layer of hard crust that needs to be scuffed off. I took about twenty laps and determined that I needed to hit the asphalt in the parking lot for a bit of a rough scuff in. After hitting the parking lot, the traction changed noticeably for the better. Lap after lap the Poisons got better. By the end of a 2 hour practice/scrimmage, they were as good as any wheel that I had ever used at Catalina. I suspect that they will get even better once they reach the end of the requisite 5 practice (10 hour) Pitchit imposed break in period.

3/18/10 - Recruiting Party - 30 Minutes
Skate Country - Indoor Acrylic Recreational Rink
My wheel of choice for Skate Country is the Atom Stinger. The 88a wheel is hard enough for my light stature to carry speed but soft enough to maintain grip. Going in, I knew that the Poison would be CRAZY grippy on the acrylic surface and actually getting on the floor confirmed my belief.
I spent about thirty minutes turning laps and testing the limits of the wheels. This is not a wheel for a high traction floor unless you want an extra hard work out. The softness of the wheel makes for some extra work just trying to keep them rolling. However if you find you are one of those skaters that needs a ridiculous amount of traction and speed is not a concern, the Poison will give you that traction.

3/20/10 - Dry Heat Militia vs Denver Rollin Bones - Full Bout
Castle Sports and Fitness - Indoor Sport Court Hockey Rink
The Atom Poison performed flawlessly on the sport court. Perfect amount of grip for a full extension kick through the corners when jamming and the right amount of loose for throwing j-blocks when playing pivot. One particular jam, Quadzilla got out of the pack just in front of me and I was able to reel him in. I could not have asked for a better wheel for this bout.

I really like the look of this wheel, too. The opaque white urethane, the lime green seven spoke hub and the very cool skull graphic give the perfect look to a rock star performer.
I can see that I will be running this wheel for a while to come. the all around performance is a perfect balance. From slick polished concrete to super sticky acrylic, this wheel gives me what I need, where I need it. Atom Wheels Does It Again!

Atom Derby

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Roll 2010

If you missed Spring Roll 2010, you are absolutely CRAZY. What an amazing tournament. I would definitely like to Thank Minx, Last Call and all the other Fort Wayne Derby Girls for putting on such an amazing tournament for both the girls and guys. Unfortunately I was unable to catch a lot of the girls games BUT wow did Detroit bring their A game, CONGRATS!

On the other hand, I would like to throw the biggest shout out to Justice Feelgood Marshall for organizing such a great guys tournament and being on top of EVERYTHING.

The Gatekeepers from St. Louis DEFINITELY brought their A game, and deserved every win they got, and in my eyes they won the WHOLE tournament.

Hope the future brings good things for all teams

Atom Derby
Dallas Deception

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am SUPER impressed with Rage City. These girls are ABSOLUTELY amazing! The games are really fun to watch. The floor seems to be hooking up finally, but still not what everyone wants. Also, if you didn't know, EVERYONE should support DNN!

Atom Derby

BFTC Day 1

Wow, this day is going by crazy fast. Unfortunately Vendor Village is not connected to to where everyone is playing so we all busted out the lap tops and are watching the bouts on DNN lol. From what I hear, the floor is crazy slick so everyone is coming over and buying softer wheels. I almost hard a girl beat me up cause she wanted to take the Poison table samples that I have, haha.

Check back later because I will be posting stuff ALL WEEKEND!!!

Atom Derby

BFTC 2010 Air Port Day


Just landed in LA, and wow was my fight crazy fast. We ended up landing 40 mins early. UNFORTUNATELY I am stuck in the airport for 4 hours until my ride can get here. This weekend at battle for the coast is going to be AMAZING. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and also meeting a ton of new faces. Be sure to come by and check out the booth cause you know I will for sure have the new Atom Pulse and Poison on the table! Good luck to the following teams this weekend that will be playing during the BFTC 2010!

Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Disaster City Roller Girls
LA Derby Dolls
Rage City Rollergirls
Rose City
South Coast Roller Derby
San Diego Derby Dolls
Ventura County Derby Darlins

Be sure to check back because I will be posting stuff throughout this derby filled weekend