Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it Band or Brand? Winning Formula Found.

Three years in the world of speed feels like the three months before Christmas, its here and gone before you know it. Three years is also how long Atom’s IQ wheel technology has been around in this ‘banded’ wheel era we now compete in.

Well before debuting IQ, we consistently proved our non-IQ wheels to be superior to all others year after year and we’ve been leading indoor wheel development ever since! Atom then took the sport to a new level by being the first with IQ technology in flat track speed skating, setting record after record and winning multiple championships while setting the bar in wheel performance higher than ever before.

Never one to stand still, Atom looks forward to this competitive environment, which only challenges us that much more to provide our athletes with the best tools for increased speed and performance. Atom is a proven BRAND, not just a ‘band’ as some wheel manufacturers claim to have in today’s market. Fact; There’s a lot more to making the worlds fastest wheels than just bands! IQ technology is the ring, solid core, spine, spoke and high-octane developed by Atom on USA Flat Track!

“If in fact IQ wheels are getting beat consistently, then this is a big feat for inline speed skating. Atom is up for the challenge and looks forward to continuing our quest to be the fastest wheels in the world.”
- Doug Glass, owner of Atom Wheels

Atom Wheels are no longer just the ‘buzz’, we are the BRAND that leads by example and can be trusted by all skaters, coaches and dealers. Atom Wheels quest is first and foremost to enhance skater performance but we feel it is also our responsibility to ensure dealers and coaches have easy access to the best wheels in the world.

Atom Wheels... A brand you can trust, ‘Tools not Toys’