Thursday, March 13, 2014

Atom's Pilot F16 Plates is PERFORMANCE on a BUDGET! cornered me again, this time at my office in Phoenix and wanted to get the lowdown on our F16 2.0 Nylon plates! Performance on a budget, it is possible - yes it is.

The question has already been raised, I didn't discuss the durability of our nylon plates so "what's the point if it ends up breaking" (for the record, we haven't had any 2.0 Eagle Plates break).
The point is, some skaters don't have a budget to spend of $200 + and are currently skating on an alloy plate that is a complete TANK. If you spend $100 for Eagle or $150 for Eagle Plus and then end up breaking it, you can either get it replaced for no charge OR upgrade to the alloy base plate for $100 at an approved ATOM retailer.

The risk is the possibility of breaking is higher than alloy, however, we are confident in our updated 2.0 design. You're also not out any money as you would be getting the Falcon for $200 or Falcon Plus for $250 (both $20 less than if you purchased alloy to begin with).

This is the reason we didn't push nylon immediately after introducing back in late 2012, we weren't sure of the durability. With the 2.0 model, we haven't had ANY break. I jump on my skates and am certainly not light. I think nylon has received a bad rap in roller derby, however, these were used at the HIGHEST level of International speed skating by many skaters WITHOUT ISSUE. It just has to be the correct design and durability.

We have a customer and product GUARANTEE on them. If you don't like the plate, you can exchange them and get the value paid towards a different product (within 30 days of purchase). As well, they have a guarantee on breakage.

Thank you to NEW online retailer, for doing this video.  I think they care just as much about Atom's line of high performance products as much as we do!  I always think of Avis' "We Try Harder" as Atom's motto in Business, I think they do 2.