Monday, February 21, 2011

Kind Words From Another Happy Poison User!

Subject: To the maker of Atom Wheels

I just got a set of Poison wheels after returning from an injury. I had harder wheels which weren't doing me any favors as a fresh meat.

So after my PCL healed I figured I needed something safer to help me get back my confidence. I'm very sad I didn't buy these wheels sooner! I'm much faster(!), my footwork is much more certain, and I'm finally nailing my crossovers. I'm a different skater now because of these wheels, and it's all thanks to your company. I have since talked 2 of my teammates into buying these wheels, and our league's best skater wants to borrow my them to see how they feel so that she can recommend them to other skaters.

And may I add, they are wicked cool looking.

Anyway, thanks for the wheels, I can't wait to skate!

(Corine Houry-Kling)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


IT'S OFFICIAL!! Luigino, the company that brought you cutting edge, world class inline boots is developing a quad boot... VERTIGO! Set to debut summer 2011, you can keep up on the progress of VERTIGO at the all new Luigino Quad blog: Luigino Quad News

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atom Front Runner Magnum p.i.m.p. reports in!

"The last two weekends were filled with derby goodness as I ran the gauntlet of derby positions... Skater, Bench Coach and Referee.

2/5 was a double header in Indianapolis featuring the StL GateKeepers vs the Race City Rebels and the Arch Rival Roller Girls 'All Stars' vs Naptown 'Tornado Sirens'. This was Naptown's first time hosting at the Indiana Convention center as it was a test run for North Central Regionals. All 4,000 available tickets were sold out before the day of the bout.

The first bout of the night was a 40 minute expo for the guys. This was my second time on Skate Court (other being 2010 Rollercon), which is my least favorite surface to skate on. My Juke 2.0 Alloys (93a) gripped great to the floor all night. Except when trying to do turn around toe stops, I hardly realized the floor we were on.

The opening bout started tight as the first several jams had both teams scratching out points until the 6th jam where a star pass led to a 33 point jam for the GateKeepers. This jam opened the floodgates and the GateKeepers went on a 63-0 run. Play continued to favor the GateKeepers for the rest of the night and the final score was 213-63 in 40 minutes of play.

The headliner of the night was the ARRG 'All Stars' vs the Naptown 'Tornado Sirens'. I bench coached for ARRG. This was a story of two halves. The first half was filled with back and forth competitive play finding ARRG leading 67-60 going into the break. The second half saw ARRG jammer penalties leave their team playing defensively for too much of the second half. ARRG was greatly outscored in the last 30 minutes of the bout due to the penalty problems. Final score was 152-105 in favor of Naptown.

2/12 completed the trifecta as I refereed the first round of ARRG's local playoffs. The Rebel Skate Alliance and the Smashinistas both came away victorious with MVP of the night going to Downtown Dallis, who scored 53 of the Smashie's 87 points.

With a little bit of a break till our next Travel Team bout, I plan on using the Poison Slim Alloys to train in. The soft urethane (84a) makes you work a little harder with amazing grip and the Slim profile aids in agility. Can't wait to get on them!"

Magnum, p.i.m.p.
StL GateKeepers
Atom Front Runner

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Skids on the Block vs Cosa Nostra Donnas

Oly Rollers post huge win over Montreal!