Saturday, November 13, 2010

CONFIRMED- Roller Derby is a REAL SPORT!!

For anyone who doubts whether Roller Derby is a real sport or not, the 2010 Championship bout of this year's WFTDA ‘Uproar on the Lakeshore’ in Chicago put all questions to rest!

"WOW, is the best way to describe the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls vs. the Oly Rollers (reigning 2009 Champions). As co-owner of Atom Wheels and husband of Atomatrix, I have witnessed an abundance of great matches but none that remotely compared to this one!" -Doug Glass

The Championship weekend started off with a lot of talk regarding the Western Regionals where Rocky Mountain took down the 22-0 Oly Rollers. Oly wanted nothing more than a rematch with Rocky as they were handed a beating that weekend by RMRG. However, Gotham and Philly were two of the top ranked teams chomping at the bit to stop Rocky and Oly from meeting up in the finals. Rocky handled Gotham, advancing to the finals and later that evening Philly put up a hard fought battle with Oly with the Oly Rollers advancing to the big dance vs. Rocky in Sunday afternoon’s final bout. Oly, Rocky and the fans got everything and then some with these two powerhouse teams that have taken roller derby to another level. Rocky Mountain remained victorious over the Oly Rollers by a slim one point margin with no time left on the was a nail biter with several lead changes and jaw dropping moments throughout the entire contest!

This bout had it all… Mind boggling blows, intense aggression, cocky swagger and athletes pushing beyond the normal range of fatigue fighting for the championship title. Not one of these girls was playing for money. Each and every athlete had worked their butts off for months with one common goal...WFTDA Championship bragging rights, and a possible back-to-back title on the line for Oly. The commitment was huge and even bigger when you consider the sacrifices and realize there are no guarantees. Then, add in the risk factors as well, and you have the true meaning behind Women's Roller Derby. No wonder it is the fastest growing female sport in the nation.

Atom wheels represented 100% of the floor during the WFTDA Championship clearly proving Atom wheels make a difference in performance! For two years running the official wheel of the WFTDA, Atom Wheels were being used by 100% of the winning team. This year was an even more convincing with 100% of both first and second place using Atom Wheels.

Atom Wheels congratulates each and every player from the 12 leagues participating for playing their hearts out at this year’s championship. A big thank you and congratulations to the Windy City Roller Girls for putting on an unforgettable championship!

See you next year… Which happens to be November 11-13th in DENVER for the 2011 Championship.

-Atom Wheels - Official Wheel of the WFTDA