Monday, August 9, 2010

Sin Diesel travels all the way to WA

Picture taken from Sin's Facebook with Gen E. Bil making a cameo :)

Last week I spent an amazing time in the pacific northwest. I started
with spending 3 days in Portland, OR. Where I had an chance to meet
the Portland Men's Roller Derby Team and spend some time skating with
them. They are coming along an actively recruiting. Also had an
opportunity to watch Rose City's Wheels of Justice prepare for there
Hometown Throwdown on the 13th-15th. The time I spent at there
practice gave me much appreciation for these ladies. Thank you much,
to Scratcher in the Eye and W.O.J. for allowing me to attend practice.
As well as Carpe Demon, Faux Paul Icatar,CupplesSK8 and Next of Ken of

Then I Traveled further up to Seattle and had a Chance to do some
radio w/ the folks of Derby Deeds. Good Times w/Megatron,Sheeza and
Pitchit. Very welcoming and a good experience and learned a bit about
marketing from Kendra Blood from Denver Roller Dolls.

My weekend climaxed with an hour long bout with the newest members of
the MDC PSOD. PSOD split in to two team Team Radillac(Yellow) and Team
Hollywood(Blue) The 1st 12min of the game was back in forth with
strong blocking from both teams. Yellow anchored by there Capt:
Radillac,G.No Evil, Buster Fuzz,Sass Squatch and Cpl Punishement
pulling double duty blocking and some great jamming. Blue's Blocking
was led by Ryrod, Mr.Awesome, Duke of Delridge, Maxium Overdrive,
Hollywood and Sin Diesel. GrimStreeper, Hollywood, Ryrod and Sin
Diesel handled most of the Jamming. By the end of the 1st half Yellow
was up by 32pts. due to the Blue team spending more time in the Box
then on the track. Half time=94-62

As the 2nd half began Blue collected themselves and only allowed
yellow to score 40pts. in the 2nd half. With Hollywood,Ryrod and Sin
Diesel doing the majority of the jamming and pulling the blue team
within 17pts with less than 30 sec. on the clock. The final jam found
Sin Diesel on the line on a power jam. Sin Diesel was able to get 2
grand slams before yellow's jammer was released from the box. Sin
Diesel passed the panty to Ryrod with less than 10sec. on the
clock...but by then Yellow had a 7pt lead and time expired. And
Yellow- Team Radillac was victorious. Final=134-127. Thank goodness
for my stingers! Cause those turns where a bit slick in places. And
the Stingers allowed me to stick on turns especially when jamming.

The Dockyard Derby Dames faced Slaughter County Roller Vixens in the
2nd hour of Derby. This was a strong and hard hitting bout that found
the DDD coming back from a 30pt+ deficit. The DDD All Stars where able
to whittle down the deficit to 10pts with 8min left in the 2nd half.
At the end DDD found themselves in penalty trouble and SCRV pulled
away to a final of 167-147. What a Great Weekend.

Thanks to everyone for a great experience!!!

Viva La Derby!

Rollercon 2010

WOW, things are finally winding down from Rollercon and I am actually beginning to catch up on everything. Things have been CRAZY busy since Rollercon but here is what I have to say about the ultra long week in Vegas.

Vegas was a BLAST. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to check out product or just say whats up. The Poison wheels were BY FAR the most popular wheel at Rollercon. We knew going in that there would be a large demand BUT was caught of guard by how large the demand actually was. We sold every set that we brought in within the first day.... NUTS!!!

The floor there was amazing this year, so there was not of that crappy concrete that felt like Ice from the previous year. Check-in was ultra smooth, classes were packed, stands were crowded for all the headliner events, Freemont was amazing, and scrimmages were more busy then ever... WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR.

I got to play in a ton of games this past weekend along side a bunch of amazing skaters. I cannot wait to go back next year.

Look for some NEW and amazing things to come in the VERY near future. Hmmmm.... maybe even regionals :)

Atom Derby