Monday, July 26, 2010

Quad Almighty On This Weekends Game!

We won! Yay! HCH 216 - CTDQ 78. I was voted MVP by the CTDQ guys. Very cool.

I have to give major props to Magnificent Bastard, who was absolutely STELLAR in the back of the pack the whole game, and to JFM, who scored like a $#!T ton of points. Proud to be skating with all those guys. Seriously. Good, good people... all of 'em.

Both teams started with shortened 10-man rosters, but some injuries plagued CTDQ and they ended the game playing with just 7 or 8. Circle Jerk, the CTDQ MVP shared jamming duty with Pastor of Muppets back-to-back-to-back the whole second half. They had to have been utterly spent, but they never folded, just kept on coming at us. Really, seriously gutsy and impressive effort by CTDQ.

HCH and CTDQ meet up again in a few weeks in Yonkers, NY on August 7. Sadly, I can't make that game due to being dirt broke. However, I'll be in Evansville, IN coaching the Cincinnati Rollergirls Violent Lambs to victory over ROSI, so that makes up for it.

-Quad Almighty 7/22/2010

Thoughts from Magnum

This weekend was a big derby weekend in St. Louis! On Saturday, the GateKeepers had a double header with the Arch Rival Roller Girls' local championship. For the guys, it was the second of three scheduled games between our temporary intraleague teams, the Force and the Dark Side. This bout proved to be much closer than the last meeting as the lead changed many times throughout. Down by one point with little time left of the clock, the Force got lead jammer the last three jams of the bout, held the Dark Side scoreless and scored 7 points to get them to the century mark and the victory. In the end, the Force won 100-94. I scored 45 points while jamming on Low Boys. The hard wheels definitely helped my legs survive the soft sport court... and ref the Championship bout directly after!

On Sunday the GateKeepers held a Recruitment Extravaganza to promote derby in St. Louis and Missouri. Skaters from Kansas City (guys), Springfield (guys and girls) and St. Louis (guys and girls) participated in the three team coed mash up round robin
scrimmages. A great time was had by all and in the end, the Red Team went undefeated. I was lucky to be apart of both the Force and the Red Team for the weekend.

In preparation for the amount of derby I was going to be playing, I practiced with Atom's new Poison wheels. The softness of the wheels made me work a little harder at practice which really strengthened my legs and endurance. Plus they grip flawlessly to the slick painted wood we practice on!

Rollercon is right around the corner and I look forward to playing with Team seXY as we try to win the rubber match against Team Awesome. I will also be captaining the Jocks during the coed scrimmage between the Jocks and the Nerds. July is an exciting month for derby!

Keep roll'n,

Magnum, p.i.m.p.
StL GateKeepers
Atom Front Runner

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

IT'S SUMMER!!! Time to Skate OUTDOORS!

It's summer which means it's time to skate outdoors. What wheel do I use for outdoor you might ask... well none other then our BRAND NEW Atom Pulse Wheel. This wheel is absolutely amazing! The ride of this wheel makes you feel like you are riding on air. Road a thing of the past. We have also introduced a Cavity Back system in the wheel that allows for the wheel to wear more evenly, which in the end will make the wheel last longer. Get them while they last before the summer is over. Oh, and did i mention they are only $50.00!

Atom Derby

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rollercon 2010

Rollercon 2010 is right around the corner and Atom AWheels will be there in full force. We will be fully stocked and ready for every skaters need INCLUDING the ever sought after Juke, Pulse, and Poison. Make sure to come by the booth because if ECE was any inclination of demand then Poison and Pulse will be sold out on the first day :)

See everyone soon,

Atom Derby


Atom Juke... Are you Breakin Ankles yet?

Atom Juke, the HOTTEST 59mm wheel on the market. These wheels are absolutely amazing. These wheels will do whatever you tell them to do without hesitation. You are able to stop, start, and maneuver better than ever before. Rollercon and tournament season is right around the corner so get them before they are gone. Also, come Nationals, you better be ready for the SICKEST Juke EVER!!! ARE YOUR READY!!

Atom Derby

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Atom loves you too Charm City :)

While watching the AMAZING videos that came in for the DNN Watch Party Contest, I came across these two awesome pictures. Yes Charm City, we love you too :)

Atom Derby

Friday, July 2, 2010

Battle on the Bank 3 - Pitchit

Check out what Atom's own had to say about the Battle on the Bank....


Battle on the Bank 3
The Derby Doll franchise, more commonly known as The LA Derby Dolls and The San Diego Derby Dolls, held their third annual banked track roller derby tournament over the June 25th, 26th and 27th weekend at the ocean side Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego County, California.
My participation in this event was mostly as a spectator, however, I did take a turn on the microphone for Derby News Network boutcasting along side Wunder Mike from TXRD for the San Diego Hard Corps vs the Red Dirt Rebellion match up.
The Del Mar Fairgrounds played host to several different events that weekend including the San Diego County Fair and the San Diego International Beer Festival. Both events had heavy participation and the central location of the banked track festivities made it possible to expose the wandering masses to the glory of roller derby. The fair was a common topic of conversation with the derby crowd as many were amazed by the fact that butter could not only be deep fried, but also could be purchased, and even crazier than that, consumed!

I spent a good portion of the weekend hanging out with my Atom Wheels All Star/Front Runner partner in crime DeRanged who had a stellar first time banked track tournament experience helping bring her Team Legit home with a second place tournament finish and raising the eyebrows of many hardcore banked track skaters and enthusiasts with her quick transition to the banked track and twenty point jam ability. DeRanged was running the Atom Lowboys for this tournament and loved the performance that she got. There were lots of grippy wheels seen on the track as well, including many skaters running the new Atom Poison.

It was an awesome weekend of banked track action. San Diego Derby Dolls took the tournament for the second year in a row. Team Legit showed up short handed and put up a great fight. I expect to see them return next year with a full and healthy roster for a shot at that title as well as many other banked track teams that are just itching to get their hands on the trophy. With the massive growth in roller derby currently, you can look forward to the excitement for this tournament to only getting bigger and better in the future.